Our Brand provides lifetime free cleaning and warranty services. There is no manual fee for maintenance, But the cost of accessories is at your own expense; We guarantee that all of Ideagemer Jewelry will never fade, tarnish, or lose its color. All of our jewelry is made of the highest quality materials and is crafted to last over years.

IDEAGEMER jewelry stand by the qulity and craftsmanship of each product we manufacture ; that is why we offer this lifetime warranty.your original receipt is required for all warranty service.we agree to repair or replace any items which we deem to be damaged due to a manufacturing defect.this warranty expressly exclude coverage for excessive wear and tear and/or physical/accidental abuse,lost and theft. Repair,sizing or service performed by anyone other than IDEAGEMER jewelry will immediately void the warranty.

IDEAGEMER design jewelry that is not only beautiful,but made to last a lifetime.we hope that you enjoy your purchase for years to come on IDEAGEMER.